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Estate Planning

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A Lawyer Who Looks At The Big Picture

What would happen if you died or became incapacitated today? What would your family do to survive?

Will your family know what your wishes are regarding life support?

As a Texas board-certified estate planning and probate specialist, I take a comprehensive approach to helping people meet their estate planning goals. That means reviewing your circumstances beyond your need for a simple will or trust. I take into account all of your life circumstances. I assist you with formulating your estate plan to provide for efficient transfer of assets to your beneficiaries, while maintaining the minimum estate tax exposure.

Our valued clients come to The J.M. Dickerson Law Firm to confidently take care of:

Texas Board-Certified Estate Planning & Probate Specialist*

By law, most families in South Texas will not be affected by estate taxes unless the total estate exceeds $5.43 million (2015). If you are a family with significant assets, it is important to protect your heirs from an excessive tax burden. Learn more about using trusts and other legal instruments to reduce your death tax liability.

None of us has tomorrow guaranteed, so act today.

Your family is relying on you. Call The J.M. Dickerson Law Firm or use the convenient email contact form to explain your circumstances and schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

*Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization
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