Isn’t there a law for that already??

There are people who think that when they die while married, that everything they own will automatically go to their spouse or children. What may be the case is that they are thinking of state rules that apply if someone dies without leaving a will. In legal terms, this is referred to as “intestate.” Read More

3 documentos criticos que los propietarios de negocios ignoran

Estos documentos-el testamento, fideicomiso, el poder y otros-se ignoran si los propietarios de negocios no ven el valor que representan. Conforme pasa el tiempo y su negocio crece, tener estas piezas en su lugar se convierte en algo más que importante. Se vuelve crítico. Read More

3 Critical Plan B documents business owners ignore

Business owners need a CRITICAL PLAN B for succession by using a will, living trust and power of attorney. You can’t buy this peace of mind. But you can earn it by acting for yourself and those you love. Read More

What you do with your money today can make and keep you rich

If you look around your community, you may notice many truly rich people who may have little or no college education. They were not lottery winners. They found overlooked opportunities, then took calculated risks without over analyzing. These people found their own road map to becoming rich. Read More