Top 6 Reasons to Review Your Will

These are a lot of things to consider, especially in these times. There are a lot of things that are up in the air. There’s a lot of changes that we’re experiencing in life. It’s important to make sure that we review our estate plan if we have one. Here are some red flags that should give pause for plan review. Read More

What college students should add to their check list  

Preparing to send your son or daughter to college is one of the most exciting, and nervous times for a parent. You’ll worry whether they will eat well, study enough, and get enough rest. While you can’t help these everyday concerns, you can prepare for the major ones: if your son or daughter has a medical or financial emergency while away at school. Learn more here. Read More

Now that you are in the driver’s seat…

If you have taken that first step and decided to take charge and resolve to move forward with estate planning, you already know that a will is something everyone should have, Now that you have made the decision to get in the “driver’s seat”, so to speak, and make a plan to protect your assets, this is where all your practice pays off. Read More

Tips for Blended Families During Estate Planning

Blended families face unique estate planning challenges. In a blended family one or both spouses have children from prior marriages or relationships. They may also have children together from the current marriage. In the United States, about half of all marriages create blended families. Here are some tips to avoid potential conflicts. Read More

EP Awareness Week

On this year’s National Estate Planning Awareness Week, we debunk a few myths related to Estate Planning, discuss the various Estate Planning tools you can use and give you some Estate Planning tips. As a bonus, we will also talk about how you can create an Estate Plan exclusively for your Digital Assets. Learn more here. Read More

What is a Miller Trust & How Can it Help Me?

Something I want to talk to you today is a thing called a Qualified Income Trust. Now, the common everyday term for this is also a Miller Trust, and it nothing to do with the beer. This is an estate planning strategy I employ for my clients that helps them receive government benefits when they… Read More