What To Do With Your Cash in 2022

We spoke with financial expert and Partner of Custos Family Office, Juan I. Creixell. He gave us his three pronged strategy to revolutionize how we think of our cash we have on hand. He also told us how many months in reserves for expenses to plan for and he also confirmed to us that business is indeed a team sport! Here is an excerpt of our conversation. Check this out to learn more. Read More

Does Notarizing Make It Legal?

The public’s perception of what a notary does and what notarization accomplishes is often incorrect. This is particularly the case when a person brings a document to a notary public to be notarized, thinking that the notarization will in some way “legalize” the document or make it “official.” Read more here. Read More

This is an excerpt of a recent taping of our new You Tube Show and podcast we call The Solution Point – where, with our guests, we reveal solutions to everyday problems in life, business and law. In this taping we met with Emmy Award Winning Director, Producer, Country and Pop Song Writer, Author and all-around cool guy, Nick Nanton, where we dive into the biggest problem he sees in brand marketing today. Read More

Evaluating Real Estate

So, how do you evaluate real estate? No matter where you live, you’ll find that there are plenty of properties for sale. There may be commercial or residential developments or vacant land available for purchase. You need to be careful not to fall into the trap that some new real estate investors fall into, being… Read More

What is a Miller Trust & How Can it Help Me?

Something I want to talk to you today is a thing called a Qualified Income Trust. Now, the common everyday term for this is also a Miller Trust, and it nothing to do with the beer. This is an estate planning strategy I employ for my clients that helps them receive government benefits when they… Read More

The Pricing Mindset: Molding the Mind for Profit

In this episode of The Solution Point, we meet with our marketing mentor, Richard James. We take a deep dive into what it takes to mold your mind to be profitable and how it really comes down to having a mindset for proper pricing. During the day (and night, we are sure) Richard James focuses his time in taking small law firms from chaos to thriving; and helps arm attorneys with the tools they need to run any kind of business. Read More

Finding Real Estate Opportunities

Real estate opportunities will rarely go looking for you. And don’t forget, other people are looking for these opportunities as well. If you’re not looking, someone else will get them before you even know about them. Here are some tips to stay on top of money making opportunities. Read More

Tough Decisions Made Easier

One of the many decisions you will need to make about your estate plan is whether you want to avoid probate or decide if it makes sense for you. Probate is the legal process for settling an estate after someone has died. It is also known as estate administration. The main purpose of probate is to provide inheritors of a deceased person’s property with clear title to the property. Here are some things to think about and what might work better for you. Read More

How a Lady Bird Deed is a Good Option

Hello Friends, I’ve got a topic I wanted to talk to you all about. This is something that’s not a new issue, but it’s something that started coming in more frequently to our office. So, there’s a thing called Medicaid Recovery Program. This program is designed so that if your family member received Medicaid benefits,… Read More

This is an excerpt of a recent taping of our new You Tube Show and podcast we call The Solution Point – where, with our guests, we reveal solutions to everyday problems in life, business and law. In this taping we met with Raul Garza, a top CPA, and he shared with us some of the ways to overcome the hurdles and challenges of the second round of the PPP loan. Read here for more… Read More

8 of the Weirdest Wills Ever Written

What’s the best reason to make a will? To protect your family? Safeguard a legacy? Or is it, perhaps, to cause a little mischief? If you’re leaning towards that last reason, you’re not alone: there’s no shortage of bizarre bequests on record. So, to inspire you and celebrate the launch of our own free online will service, we’ve put together a round-up of 8 of the weirdest wills we could find. Read More

Preparing Instructions for your Loved Ones

Once your estate planning documents are prepared and executed, you will probably feel a sense of relief and accomplishment. It is well deserved. You can be confident that your wishes will be carried out, costs and delays will be minimized, your dependents will be provided for, and beneficiaries and their share of your estate are clearly identified.

But some work still remains to be done.

All too often when someone dies or becomes incapacitated, relatives are completely unprepared to deal with the sea of decisions and practical details that must be attended to. Here is what you can do to prepare now. Read More

18 Life Events That Trigger a Will Update

Estate planning is not a one-time event. Although your documents are drafted to account for foreseeable changes, there is no substitute for keeping your plan up to date. Failure to do so can lead to litigation among your heirs and a result you would not be happy with. Here are 18 life events that might trigger an update. Read More