Retirement Accounts & Estate Planning:

If you want us to look into kind of how this piece of the puzzle fits in with the rest of your asset base, reach out to us because it’s important to coordinate things properly. If you move certain assets that are already asset protected into another asset protected vehicle, it could create an opening for those things to be exposed. Check out our video and read more here. Read More

Now that you are in the driver’s seat…

If you have taken that first step and decided to take charge and resolve to move forward with estate planning, you already know that a will is something everyone should have, Now that you have made the decision to get in the “driver’s seat”, so to speak, and make a plan to protect your assets, this is where all your practice pays off. Read More

When an Adult Needs a Guardian of Property  

When an adult has the capacity to conduct his or her legal affairs but wants another person to assume that responsibility, the adult may request the appointment of a property guardian. This procedure, a voluntary guardianship, usually occurs because the ward has difficulty with the practical aspects of money management due to advanced age or physical limitations. Learn more here. Read More

What Kind of Grip Do You Have On 2022?

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “I need a firm grip on the situation first”? Or has someone ever told you they will do that thing they’ve been meaning to do once they have a “firm grasp” on what exactly they need to be doing in the first place? To keep a firm grip is to maintain a tight grasp on someone or something. But first, let’s think about how we get there. Read More

Tips for Blended Families During Estate Planning

Blended families face unique estate planning challenges. In a blended family one or both spouses have children from prior marriages or relationships. They may also have children together from the current marriage. In the United States, about half of all marriages create blended families. Here are some tips to avoid potential conflicts. Read More