Top 6 Reasons to Review Your Will

These are a lot of things to consider, especially in these times. There are a lot of things that are up in the air. There’s a lot of changes that we’re experiencing in life. It’s important to make sure that we review our estate plan if we have one. Here are some red flags that should give pause for plan review. Read More

What college students should add to their check list  

Preparing to send your son or daughter to college is one of the most exciting, and nervous times for a parent. You’ll worry whether they will eat well, study enough, and get enough rest. While you can’t help these everyday concerns, you can prepare for the major ones: if your son or daughter has a medical or financial emergency while away at school. Learn more here. Read More

Retirement Accounts & Estate Planning:

If you want us to look into kind of how this piece of the puzzle fits in with the rest of your asset base, reach out to us because it’s important to coordinate things properly. If you move certain assets that are already asset protected into another asset protected vehicle, it could create an opening for those things to be exposed. Check out our video and read more here. Read More

Now that you are in the driver’s seat…

If you have taken that first step and decided to take charge and resolve to move forward with estate planning, you already know that a will is something everyone should have, Now that you have made the decision to get in the “driver’s seat”, so to speak, and make a plan to protect your assets, this is where all your practice pays off. Read More

When an Adult Needs a Guardian of Property  

When an adult has the capacity to conduct his or her legal affairs but wants another person to assume that responsibility, the adult may request the appointment of a property guardian. This procedure, a voluntary guardianship, usually occurs because the ward has difficulty with the practical aspects of money management due to advanced age or physical limitations. Learn more here. Read More

What To Do With Your Cash in 2022

We spoke with financial expert and Partner of Custos Family Office, Juan I. Creixell. He gave us his three pronged strategy to revolutionize how we think of our cash we have on hand. He also told us how many months in reserves for expenses to plan for and he also confirmed to us that business is indeed a team sport! Here is an excerpt of our conversation. Check this out to learn more. Read More

What Kind of Grip Do You Have On 2022?

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “I need a firm grip on the situation first”? Or has someone ever told you they will do that thing they’ve been meaning to do once they have a “firm grasp” on what exactly they need to be doing in the first place? To keep a firm grip is to maintain a tight grasp on someone or something. But first, let’s think about how we get there. Read More

Tips for Blended Families During Estate Planning

Blended families face unique estate planning challenges. In a blended family one or both spouses have children from prior marriages or relationships. They may also have children together from the current marriage. In the United States, about half of all marriages create blended families. Here are some tips to avoid potential conflicts. Read More

Does Notarizing Make It Legal?

The public’s perception of what a notary does and what notarization accomplishes is often incorrect. This is particularly the case when a person brings a document to a notary public to be notarized, thinking that the notarization will in some way “legalize” the document or make it “official.” Read more here. Read More

EP Awareness Week

On this year’s National Estate Planning Awareness Week, we debunk a few myths related to Estate Planning, discuss the various Estate Planning tools you can use and give you some Estate Planning tips. As a bonus, we will also talk about how you can create an Estate Plan exclusively for your Digital Assets. Learn more here. Read More

This is an excerpt of a recent taping of our new You Tube Show and podcast we call The Solution Point – where, with our guests, we reveal solutions to everyday problems in life, business and law. In this taping we met with Emmy Award Winning Director, Producer, Country and Pop Song Writer, Author and all-around cool guy, Nick Nanton, where we dive into the biggest problem he sees in brand marketing today. Read More

Three Key Steps to Business Succession

Many business owners are so wrapped up in their business that they don’t even think about a succession plan until a year or two before they want to retire. Yet, preparing for the transition of your business could save you heartache and protect your family from unnecessary financial risk. Learn more here. Read More

The Brick In Your Garage

If you have a Ferrari and you never change the oil and you never put air in the tires, never washed it and drove it until it gave you it’s all every day, how long do you think it will take for that luxury car to be a brick in your garage that’s not very useful, let alone drivable? The same thing goes for your business entity formation. Find out more here. Read More

Taking advantage of your benefits

This week’s post is an excerpt of our interview with health insurance expert and friend, Tina Holliday Cerda of Laurel Insurance Agency & Associates for our YouTube show The Solution Point, where we reveal solutions to everyday problems in your life, business and the law. Read More


Esta semana, he recibido varias preguntas de clientes que están en México que quieren hacer negocios aquí en los Estados Unidos. Hay algunas cosas que son importantes a tener en cuenta cuando usted viene de fuera del país. Lea más aquí. Read More

Evaluating Real Estate

So, how do you evaluate real estate? No matter where you live, you’ll find that there are plenty of properties for sale. There may be commercial or residential developments or vacant land available for purchase. You need to be careful not to fall into the trap that some new real estate investors fall into, being… Read More

What is a Miller Trust & How Can it Help Me?

Something I want to talk to you today is a thing called a Qualified Income Trust. Now, the common everyday term for this is also a Miller Trust, and it nothing to do with the beer. This is an estate planning strategy I employ for my clients that helps them receive government benefits when they… Read More

The Pricing Mindset: Molding the Mind for Profit

In this episode of The Solution Point, we meet with our marketing mentor, Richard James. We take a deep dive into what it takes to mold your mind to be profitable and how it really comes down to having a mindset for proper pricing. During the day (and night, we are sure) Richard James focuses his time in taking small law firms from chaos to thriving; and helps arm attorneys with the tools they need to run any kind of business. Read More

Finding Real Estate Opportunities

Real estate opportunities will rarely go looking for you. And don’t forget, other people are looking for these opportunities as well. If you’re not looking, someone else will get them before you even know about them. Here are some tips to stay on top of money making opportunities. Read More

Tough Decisions Made Easier

One of the many decisions you will need to make about your estate plan is whether you want to avoid probate or decide if it makes sense for you. Probate is the legal process for settling an estate after someone has died. It is also known as estate administration. The main purpose of probate is to provide inheritors of a deceased person’s property with clear title to the property. Here are some things to think about and what might work better for you. Read More

How a Lady Bird Deed is a Good Option

Hello Friends, I’ve got a topic I wanted to talk to you all about. This is something that’s not a new issue, but it’s something that started coming in more frequently to our office. So, there’s a thing called Medicaid Recovery Program. This program is designed so that if your family member received Medicaid benefits,… Read More

This is an excerpt of a recent taping of our new You Tube Show and podcast we call The Solution Point – where, with our guests, we reveal solutions to everyday problems in life, business and law. In this taping we met with Raul Garza, a top CPA, and he shared with us some of the ways to overcome the hurdles and challenges of the second round of the PPP loan. Read here for more… Read More

8 of the Weirdest Wills Ever Written

What’s the best reason to make a will? To protect your family? Safeguard a legacy? Or is it, perhaps, to cause a little mischief? If you’re leaning towards that last reason, you’re not alone: there’s no shortage of bizarre bequests on record. So, to inspire you and celebrate the launch of our own free online will service, we’ve put together a round-up of 8 of the weirdest wills we could find. Read More

Preparing Instructions for your Loved Ones

Once your estate planning documents are prepared and executed, you will probably feel a sense of relief and accomplishment. It is well deserved. You can be confident that your wishes will be carried out, costs and delays will be minimized, your dependents will be provided for, and beneficiaries and their share of your estate are clearly identified.

But some work still remains to be done.

All too often when someone dies or becomes incapacitated, relatives are completely unprepared to deal with the sea of decisions and practical details that must be attended to. Here is what you can do to prepare now. Read More

18 Life Events That Trigger a Will Update

Estate planning is not a one-time event. Although your documents are drafted to account for foreseeable changes, there is no substitute for keeping your plan up to date. Failure to do so can lead to litigation among your heirs and a result you would not be happy with. Here are 18 life events that might trigger an update. Read More

Organizing Your Finances for Your Loved Ones

Being prepared is not just a Scout motto or code. Preparedness includes organizing your finances so that there is less panic by your family in the future. Preparing in such a way reminds me of Valentines Day, quite honestly. What better way to show your family you love them, by being prepared and organized for when that time comes. Here are my tips to get you started. Read More

October Letter to You

We have just entered the last quarter of 2020. We are taking that last turn of this most unusual and unpredictable year. This is a time to get our bearings. Where are we right now, as compared to the beginning of the year? Assuming you did set goals and the beginning of the year, which I always recommend; where are we now, in comparison to the goals we set at the beginning of the year? Read More

Top 4 probate questions from our clients

Probate of a loved one’s estate can sometimes be necessary after they pass away. Navigating the court process while you are grieving can be overwhelming. By having action steps in place with a will or trust, you can help reduce the stress and suffering of the loved ones you might leave behind. Here are 4 of the top questions I get from my clients about probate in Texas. Read More

Time for your 3-Bucket Method? Why, Yes!

You just need to get a hold of the right “buckets” to contain and protect your most special assets in your life. These buckets embody my philosophy that I share with my clients when we do their asset protection and estate planning. I call it the 3-Bucket Method for Asset Protection and Estate Planning. I invite you to “talk buckets” with me & request my free book. Read More

How planning matters

Chadwick Boseman showed us that even those who appear to be young, vibrant, and heroic need planning. Boseman died at age 43. While little is known of Boseman’s estate planning, we do know that he had a wife, Taylor Simone Ledward, whom he met in 2015 and to whom he got engaged to in October 2019. Boseman was the youngest of three sons of his mother, a nurse, and his father, a textile factory worker. I say this again and again, because it is so true. His untimely death shows us that even those of us who are young need at least a basic estate plan.
Read More

Keeping docs safe and accessible

Where do you keep your most important documents? Perhaps, you have a filing cabinet. Or even a shoebox where you put important papers. It doesn’t really matter where you keep them, as long as you have one place you always know to look for them. Could you locate your important papers quickly if you needed to? Some documents… Read More

Artist shares his story of ​​​​​​​Laredo’s newest mural downtown

Knowing where you come from and the things that were accomplished by the people who came before you show you what is possible. Local artist, Ricky Castillon, shares his story of
​​​​​​​Laredo’s newest mural downtown
“Our story is our power ~
Nuestra historia es nuestro poder” Read More

Seeing the bigger picture

A qualified and dedicated attorney will be able to see important issues that may not be apparent when only focused on the transaction. It is important that you have legal counsel that can see the big picture of what your plans, goals and aspirations are, so they can guide you along that path while avoiding pitfalls that befall the unwary. Read More

The 3 things your college student can’t leave home without

Eventually we will be living a “new normal” and even preparing to send your son or daughter to college will be something we will resume to do once the stages of quarantine have passes. While you can’t help these everyday concerns, you can prepare for the major ones with these 3 things. Read More

Restaurants pivot to “pop-ups” to survive

How will your favorite restaurants continue in these unprecedented times? Many are already pivoting operations by transforming their dining rooms into a pop-up shop or grocerant where your customers can shops or grocerants for essential pantry items, while getting their meals to-go. Read our guest writer’s perspective as she shares her inside insights. Read More

Abbott Temporarily Allows for Appearance Before Notary Public Via Videoconference

Governor Abbott issued an executive order in which it suspends certain notary public requirements. These are temporary suspensions and temporary rules based on a response to COVID-19 and the emergency orders that are in place. I want to share with you kind of what the governor has done and then I’ll explain a little bit about how that affects all of us. Read More

Estadísticas Sorprendentes / Startling Statistics

Seguros, ahorros y un amuleto de la buena suerte. Estos son los tres elementos que empresarios utilizan para proteger su empresa, ¿verdad? Mientras que el seguro puede cubrirle para acontecimientos imprevistos como emergencias médicas, sólo la planificación patrimonial prepara a su empresa para escenarios en el peor de los casos. / Insurance, savings, and a good luck charm. These are the three elements business owners use to protect their business, right? While insurance can cover you for unforeseen events like medical emergencies, only estate planning prepares your company for real life worst-case scenarios. Insurance, savings, and a good luck charm. Read More

Probate during Quarantine

One of the things that we have available to us here and in Texas and in most jurisdictions is what’s called the revocable trust. The revocable trust allows you to avoid probate altogether as long as you’ve handled it properly in and put everything inside the ownership in the trust. So, if you want to avoid probate, we do have a mechanism to avoid that and not having to go into hearings and deal with court situations. Read More

For safety, doing our part too

Why are our clients smiling? We just offered them a web conference meeting instead of having to meet for our consultation. We even surprised ourselves when we realized it was EASY. You know what’s even better? They didn’t have to leave their house! In these cautious COVID-19 times, The J.M. Dickerson Law Firm is taking steps to offer the best client experience and that includes your health and safety. We are now offering web conference appointments and invite you to call us today! Read More

What is Year-Over-Year growth?

What is YOY growth, and how do you calculate it? Know how your business is performing this year compared to last? You can use year-over-year growth calculations to find out. Year-over-year (YOY) is the comparison of one period with the same period from the previous year. The period is typically a month or quarter. For… Read More

Tips from the top

Top entrepreneurs share their best tips for success As an entrepreneurial attorney, I’ve painstakingly learned the importance of heeding the best business advice I’ve received from many of the world’s top entrepreneurs and business leaders. The bottom line: It takes a lot to start a business and grow it to profitability. Funny enough, the most… Read More

To “Zoom” or not to “Zoom”

I will share with you that online DIY wills are better than nothing, however you may be missing several issues related to your personal situation that can only be identified when discussing with a board-certified Estate Planning attorney. There are unfortunately plenty of negative outcomes that can result from not having a will or trust as your estate plan. Read More

Competency: When Is It Too Late to Create a Will, Trust or POA?

Seeing the future is daunting. Even thinking about it can be enough to let that task simmer. The J.M. Dickerson Law Firm can help you plan ahead, protecting your family and ensuring that your wealth continues to serve your vision well into the future. As a board-certified estate planning and probate attorney, I frequently advise adult… Read More

Who has time for “Monkey Business”?

We make updating your entity or business minutes simple and easy. We want all of our clients to be READY FOR THE NEW YEAR with a fresh start and UPDATED BUSINESS DOCUMENTS. Call us today to schedule your appointment for updating services and we will make the rest of the process easy. Read More

What you are “NOT” doing can expose you

When you set up your company, you probably set up your Corporate Book and checked it off the to do list. You were happy be done with it and eager to be able to move on to the things that make money.  However, many business owners or investors leave the maintenance of this key item on the back-burner and what you are not doing on an annual basis can leave you exposed to potentially tremendous amounts of risk and liability.  Read More

Exploring your real estate options with owner financing

It wasn’t too long ago that real estate markets nationwide were down, and I mean very down. Many of you remember well the years 2007-2009, which proved to be a historical event for American housing. That economic crisis, in great part caused by the proliferation of subprime mortgages, led to significant bankruptcies in the financial… Read More

Holographic “twist” brings more troubles for Franklin

Proper estate planning with a qualified professional is important even if you don’t have Aretha Franklin’s assets. It allows you, while you are still living, to ensure that your property will go to the people you want, in the way you want, and when you want. Read More

20 Red Flags that signal your Will or Trust is Out of Date

I offer clients the opportunity to sit down with me and review their estate plans at least once each year.  However, this doesn’t mean you should wait until your next review if your circumstances change. This Estate Planning Checklist identifies events that could make a significant impact on your estate. I let my clients know… Read More

Not just a chunk of change

I remember listening to Aretha Franklin and hearing her undeniable charisma through her soulful voice. I especially loved listening to her tracks on one of the best movie soundtracks of all time, The Big Chill. She clearly was a woman of wisdom. You could tell she was someone who was decisive. She knew what she… Read More

Isn’t there a law for that already??

There are people who think that when they die while married, that everything they own will automatically go to their spouse or children. What may be the case is that they are thinking of state rules that apply if someone dies without leaving a will. In legal terms, this is referred to as “intestate.” Read More