What To Do With Your Cash in 2022

We spoke with financial expert and Partner of Custos Family Office, Juan I. Creixell. He gave us his three pronged strategy to revolutionize how we think of our cash we have on hand. He also told us how many months in reserves for expenses to plan for and he also confirmed to us that business is indeed a team sport! Here is an excerpt of our conversation. Check this out to learn more. Read More

What Kind of Grip Do You Have On 2022?

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “I need a firm grip on the situation first”? Or has someone ever told you they will do that thing they’ve been meaning to do once they have a “firm grasp” on what exactly they need to be doing in the first place? To keep a firm grip is to maintain a tight grasp on someone or something. But first, let’s think about how we get there. Read More

Tips for Blended Families During Estate Planning

Blended families face unique estate planning challenges. In a blended family one or both spouses have children from prior marriages or relationships. They may also have children together from the current marriage. In the United States, about half of all marriages create blended families. Here are some tips to avoid potential conflicts. Read More

Does Notarizing Make It Legal?

The public’s perception of what a notary does and what notarization accomplishes is often incorrect. This is particularly the case when a person brings a document to a notary public to be notarized, thinking that the notarization will in some way “legalize” the document or make it “official.” Read more here. Read More

EP Awareness Week

On this year’s National Estate Planning Awareness Week, we debunk a few myths related to Estate Planning, discuss the various Estate Planning tools you can use and give you some Estate Planning tips. As a bonus, we will also talk about how you can create an Estate Plan exclusively for your Digital Assets. Learn more here. Read More

This is an excerpt of a recent taping of our new You Tube Show and podcast we call The Solution Point – where, with our guests, we reveal solutions to everyday problems in life, business and law. In this taping we met with Emmy Award Winning Director, Producer, Country and Pop Song Writer, Author and all-around cool guy, Nick Nanton, where we dive into the biggest problem he sees in brand marketing today. Read More

Three Key Steps to Business Succession

Many business owners are so wrapped up in their business that they don’t even think about a succession plan until a year or two before they want to retire. Yet, preparing for the transition of your business could save you heartache and protect your family from unnecessary financial risk. Learn more here. Read More

The Brick In Your Garage

If you have a Ferrari and you never change the oil and you never put air in the tires, never washed it and drove it until it gave you it’s all every day, how long do you think it will take for that luxury car to be a brick in your garage that’s not very useful, let alone drivable? The same thing goes for your business entity formation. Find out more here. Read More

Taking advantage of your benefits

This week’s post is an excerpt of our interview with health insurance expert and friend, Tina Holliday Cerda of Laurel Insurance Agency & Associates for our YouTube show The Solution Point, where we reveal solutions to everyday problems in your life, business and the law. Read More


Esta semana, he recibido varias preguntas de clientes que están en México que quieren hacer negocios aquí en los Estados Unidos. Hay algunas cosas que son importantes a tener en cuenta cuando usted viene de fuera del país. Lea más aquí. Read More

What You Need To Know About Real Estate Syndication

In this episode of our podcast, The Solution Point – where we reveal solutions to problems in your life, business and the law – I talk with Tilden Moschetti of Altitude Syndication Founder’s Club. He shares with me the ins and outs of real estate syndication.

Here the excerpt of the transcript: Read More

Evaluating Real Estate

So, how do you evaluate real estate? No matter where you live, you’ll find that there are plenty of properties for sale. There may be commercial or residential developments or vacant land available for purchase. You need to be careful not to fall into the trap that some new real estate investors fall into, being… Read More

What is a Miller Trust & How Can it Help Me?

Something I want to talk to you today is a thing called a Qualified Income Trust. Now, the common everyday term for this is also a Miller Trust, and it nothing to do with the beer. This is an estate planning strategy I employ for my clients that helps them receive government benefits when they… Read More