Have you ever heard of the phrase, “I need a firm grip on the situation first”? Or has someone ever told you they will do that thing they’ve been meaning to do once they have a “firm grasp” on what exactly they need to be doing in the first place?

To keep a firm grip is to maintain a tight grasp on someone or something.

But first, let’s think about how we get there.

For instance, when we played on a playground, like children in the preverbal good-ol’-days, not all of us were ready to grip the monkey bars with wild abandon and test the limits of our physical abilities. Yet some of us were ready to take a firm grasp on all the levels of the playset and swing from bar to slide in a choreographed swish of movement. One thing can be said of the two playmate types; they both want a firm grasp of the bars to make the most of their time at the park.

How does this relate to us today? People have the best of intentions. At the start of a new year, millions make resolutions — goals they want to reach throughout the upcoming months. Getting a handle on loose ends are usually near the top of many such lists.

As we begin this year of 2022, let’s consider resolving to getting a better grip on protecting your prosperity and the fruits of your labor like never before.

Have you asked yourself what you can do this month to hold on tighter, to maintain your grasp on prosperity or perhaps propel you further and out of a current slump? Do you know if you have a solid succession plan for you business and does your family know how you plan to look after them when you are no longer here to guide them? If you are asking these questions yet not finding answers, then you are half-way to having the strongest grasp of your future then ever before.

How do you then take the next step? When our kids are playing at the park by our office, one is always ready to make the next move and another is ready to be encouraged, which is (honestly) one of my favorite parts. She takes an extra leap and realizes she can swing to the next level because she can trust me to guide her hand to the next spot for the firmest grasp possible.

The next step for you is to trust that you may not have all the answers, but when you come to a board-certified estate planner so they can hear you and guide you, your “playtime” in the real world is that much more enjoyable because you have taken time to get a firm grip on the future of your family without you.

If you would like to hear more about how our firm can help you plan for your new year with the confidence of knowing you have a firm grip on the future, contact us today. We would love to help.

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