As I write this to you, we have just entered the last quarter of 2020.  We are taking that last turn of this most unusual and unpredictable year.  This is a time to get our bearings.  Where are we right now, as compared to the beginning of the year? Assuming you did set goals and the beginning of the year, which I always recommend; where are we now, in comparison to the goals we set at the beginning of the year? Whether you are on track, or above, or below where you wanted to be, all of this is important to know and get a handle of as we enter the last quarter.  Armed with this knowledge we can look back over the year so far and see what trajectory the outcome of our goals has taken. This is the time to asses where we are in relation to that trajectory.  Are we going down?  If so, what can we do to change that trajectory?  Should you pivot to an increase in marketing? Though counter intuitive, when you are in downward slump, this action just may be what is needed to turn things around.  If you are on track, then how can you tweak your plan for more growth or how are you sure you stay on track?  And if you are blessed to be doing better that expected in your plan, it is critical to figure out how you accomplished getting to the top. By reviewing where you are and your journey getting there, you will be able to see patterns that you can stop, modify, or accelerate in order to improve your last quarter. I also strongly suggest you meet with your tax advisors to see what steps you can take to help you have a better tax outcome at the end of the year.  Ask them to help you identify some tax-deductible expenses you should take advantage of.  Do you have some capital investments that you need to make, but not sure if you should make them this year or next?  Have you set aside enough to pay for those taxes when they come due?  By the way, how much will they be if you keep on this path?  Knowing this will help you get through the rest of the year and help you to be set up to start the new year on the right foot.  Set an appointment with your tax advisors, they just finished tax season and should have time for you. It is not just your business you need to look at.  You must also evaluate your personal and health goals.  Are those on track?  Are you ready for your annual heath check up?  How are your vitals, blood pressure, heart rate, blood work?  I am in overall good health, but I have noticed that I have been letting exercise go to the sidelines.  So, to make this last quarter count I ordered a treadmill that should arrive this week.  I will start getting back to running (not sure if I will ever do another marathon, but never say never).  I will set some goals to accomplish for the last quarter.  I am confident that with these goals and a plan, my overall health will be improved over this last quarter.  I challenge us all to do this, especially with the coming holidays full of good food and treats, which we may not be able to send home with guests. 

Let’s make the last quarter of 2020 count! Let’s close the gap to meet or exceed our goals for the end of the year, whether it is your health or your business.  While you are at it, start thinking about what might be a good goal for 2021.  Though we still are not out of the woods, there is hope that 2021 will bring better opportunities that we need to be ready to take advantage of, or at a minimum, it will be more of the same, which we need to adapt to (if we haven’t already) to to provide greater value and service to our clients and customers. And guess what? Behind that is the profit for next year!  Until next month, stay safe and know where you stand.

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