“Your work is to keep cranking the fly wheel that turns the gears that spin the belt in the engine of belief that keeps you and your desk in midair”.

– Annie Dillard, American Author

The quote above might be the exact image in your mind when you think about all the effort it takes to keep your business afloat. Forget about running smoothly, without floating payroll, stalking the mailbox for clients’ checks or pulling funds from other stashes just to be sure your month is covered. This type of effort typically is what a lot of us sometimes do to just get by. As the saying goes, “**it happens”, but there is a way to have mastery of all of the moving parts in not only your business but your life. You just need to get a hold of the right “buckets” to contain and protect your most special assets in your life. These buckets embody my philosophy that I share with my clients when we do their asset protection and estate planning. I call it the 3-Bucket Method for Asset Protection and Estate Planning. In this book, I will explain how by using the 3-Bucket Method, we identify different business opportunities and strategically separate risk into the three buckets. In addition to the 3-Bucket Method, there will be other items I will discuss to include in your estate plan that ultimately greatly enhances your asset protection mix, or as my wife likes to call it, your total asset health. In addition, we will explore the need for insurance that helps cover the cost of the lawyers who can defend you when bad things happen. The beauty of this method is that it all works together. It can go into play all at once or you can grow into them and take them on one at a time.

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