I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you a little bit about how my morning went today.

Today, I had a total of four hearings. This is my first time attending a court through a Zoom meeting. So, it was interesting, and it was fairly efficient. I also found that my clients were able to go ahead and do their part electronically from their home or office. So that was an important thing to have in place. Another thing that was interesting was that there are so many probates. Don’t get me wrong, probate in Texas is very efficient. But we still have to have these hearings. We still have to go to court and attend these things, even if it’s through Zoom, there is still the expense of all of the things that happen outside of court. If you don’t have a Will, it gets a little bit more complicated. We had a few non-Will probate cases and there were attorneys ad litem, there were witnesses. And so it took a lot longer on those cases. That’s something to keep in mind. One of the things that we have available to us here and in Texas and in most jurisdictions is what’s called the revocable trust. The revocable trust allows you to avoid probate altogether as long as you’ve handled it properly in and put everything inside the ownership in the trust. So, if you want to avoid probate, we do have a mechanism to avoid that and not having to go into hearings and deal with court situations. The other thing that comes to mind is, you know, right now, all of us are sheltering in place. As I’m recording this, its April and we’re still on, stay at home orders. The legal services are considered essential services, so, I’m still getting to come to the office. And to that extent, we’re able to help people get their estate plan done. The biggest thing that holds people back is, you know, “I need to find time to fill out the information to decide who’s going to get my assets.” and “Who am I going to leave things to?” So, this is a perfect time right now to go ahead and make the decisions and write that up. You can get that information out and we’re still providing notary services. Some banks may still be providing notary services to notarized those documents, where we’re able to do that. And I think they’re also mobile notaries that may also be providing those services. But, right now is the time to, you know, take advantage of the time. I’ll be having something coming up soon (a webinar) on the main documents that you need to have, especially during these uncertain times, to make sure you are taken care of and protected. Okay. Look forward to chatting with you guys soon.

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